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If you’re searching for a Venezuelan Cuatro you will find that most of the cuatros in the stores are made on industries.  Even on the Chilean or Argentinian web pages the Cuatros you will find are from a series of cuatros made by an industry.

The quality of those cuatros are generally good, but not great.   Not to say that those cuatros aren’t going to satisfy you, because the majority of them is made with enough quality and their sound will be good enough to practice and may be playing on stage.

But if you really really want a Venezuelan Cuatro that sounds GREAT, you will have to get into the deep world of the lutherie.  You’ll have to contact a luthier inside Venezuela and negotiate with him the fabrication and shipping of your authentic Venezuelan Cuatro.

Those luthiers are specialized cuatro makers that have been working on their professions for decades.

They are generally ubicated deep inside the Venezuelan geography and they’re very difficult to contact.

Most of them are working every day in basements where the cellphone signal is so weak they only get a few calls each day.

They quality of their instruments…   It’s just UNBEATABLE!

¿How can I contact a Luthier in Venezuela?

Lutherie is a young profession in Venezuela. It has only a few decades and it’s expanding as every year there are many new luthiers specializing only in the making of Venezuelan Cuatros.  here we are going to get you the direct contact number or email of the best luthiers in the country.  Recommended directly by us and the ones that have at least a decade working on this beautiful profession.

It’s important for you to know that the vast majority of them only speaks spanish, so if you decide to give them a ring, prepare yourself with a few spanish expresions that direct them to tell you the price and conditions one were they are willing to make a cuatro for you.

The following are luthieres divided by regions in Venezuela:

Caracas, Venezuela

Claudio Lazcano Del Castillo
Calle Sucre, Edif. Lumedil, Sotano, Chacao, Caracas

Rafael “Yuka” González
Calle Sucre, Edif. Lumedil, Sotano, Chacao, Caracas

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Yliana B Ferrebus Machado.
La Limpia,Sector Ayacucho calle 79E con Av.81,numero 80B-114 Maracaibo. +58(261)7535958

Seboruco, Edo. Lara

Edgar Ramirez Roa.
Calle 1 numero 7-63 Seboruco Estado Tachira.

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If you need help translating to spanish, contact here: cultura(at)

  • 1234

    Where can I buy a good industry cuatro?

    • camburpinton

      There is a service that we recommend. they have cuatros of good quality and contacts with industries and luthiers. Here’s one of their cuatro:

      • 1234

        Thank you very much, I inquired about their cuatros by email but my Spanish is only ok at best. If you could give me a couple more links to their cuatros it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much again!

        • camburpinton

          Hello Alex, I think you could have a look to their blog on where there’s some of the previous work done, but those are not industry cuatro. Are you looking for something to practice at a beginner level?

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